ClockWise 3.30b

ClockWise 3.30b: World-class clock, calendar, reminder, scheduler, time client and time zone tool ClockWise is the ultimate Windows time tool. Includes a digital clock, international calendar, timers, stopwatch, dial-up network timer, scheduler, and reminder system. You can schedule up to 200 separate events, automatically open or close any app, set alarms or reminders, set the system time to any Internet NTP server, connect/disconnect to/from the Net, shut-down or reboot. Even includes a 24-city time zone window and a time/date screen-saver!

SE-DesktopApps 1.2.3: Configure wallpaper and place clock widget on your desktop with SE-DesktopApps.
SE-DesktopApps 1.2.3

SE-DesktopApps is reach-featured clock application. It lets you to add clock gadget on desktop, plan one-time or reccurent events easily, set reminders to event (favorite mp3 song, default sound alarm or just message window on PC screen) and note a time with new stopwatch component. Additionally application works great with PC background - it allows to choose color scheme for the desktop or assign images to desktop which will update periodically.

update wallpaper, desktop gadget, desktop wallpaper, wallpaper application, notify task, reminder, notify event, desktop clock, clock, stopwatch, wallpaper changer, alarm, task notifier

BestAlarmClock 1.0: Talking alarm clock.Contains Analog clock,digital clock,Calendar,Stopwatch etc.y
BestAlarmClock 1.0

It includes Speaking Alarm Reminder.Characters read reminder for can set any MP3 or Wav file as reminder sound(a dancing Girl will come on alarm).You can use your voice as Alarm.Includes calendar(upto 2099),Stopwatch,four Analog clocks,Digital clock,Daily Alarm,Simple And Advanced Alarm,Genie,Merlin(character) and etc.If you shutdown your computer and your Alarm/reminder elapses then you will be Notified by the software on next Restart

digital clock, reminder, speaking best alarm clock, dancing girl reminder, calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, analog clock, speaking alarm

SDATimer 1.81: countdown timer, clock and stopwatch with skins support. Calendar Sunrise,Sunset
SDATimer 1.81

SDATimer is multifunctional digital countdown timer, clock and stopwatch. The key features are: Cool interface with skins support. Calendar with Sunrise,Sunset time, Moon Phase. Easy to set time - only click by digits, or by using time presets. mp3 files support. Original AutoHide and "Start" button as clock features. AlwaysOnTop feature. Flexible setup actions, then the Timer stop counting at zero. System tray support.

support, skin, time, timer, calendar, digital, clock, sunrise, sdatimer, stopwatch, sunset, countdown

AIV Reminder 2.3: Talking alarm clock.Contains Analog clock,digital clock,Calendar,Stopwatch etc.
AIV Reminder 2.3

It includes talking Reminder.Characters can read the reminder.Any MP3 or Wav file can be set as reminder sound(dancing animation will come on alarm) as well .Also one`s own voice could be used as alarm sound.It includes calendar(upto 2099),stopwatch, four Analog clocks,Digital clock,Daily Alarm,Simple And Advanced Alarm, Genie,Merlin(character) and many more .If pc is shutdown and the Alarm/reminder elapses then the software can notify of it.

digital clock, reminder, speaking best alarm clock, calendar, talking clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, speaking alarm, analog clock

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CoolAp 1.0

Enter text using shortcuts (email addresses, postal addresses, URLs, etc.), set multiple alarms and attach shortcuts to files or programs. Tools and features include a Memo pad, a Stopwatch, a Countdown timer, a utility to set your system clock to an internet clock automatically, a Caps Lock alarm and an hourly chime.

shortcut key, timer, shortcuts, automate, alarms, typing, alarm clock, stopwatch, type, macro

NM Clock Reminder Amazing watch. Unlimited shapes. Try it!
NM Clock Reminder

digital or analog clock, calendar, reminder, stopwatch, timer, sticker, passwords holder, contacts manager,biorhythms,important dates,time zones and time synchronization utility

info, time, desktop, biorhythms, sticker, reminder, analog, calendar, digital, watch, clock, stopwatch

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